The only prerequisite to membership in ClubSki 30 can be found in the  Club's name – you must be at least thirty years of age and have an interest in skiing.

However with COVID 19 .Application for membership in Club Ski 30 requires all members to be Double Vacinated for the membership year 2021-22..

With annual fees at only $35.00, membership in Club Ski 30 is a fantastic value.  The membership year starts on May 1st but you can join any time.

To join Club Ski 30, download and fill out the Membership Application Form.  Bring the completed and signed form to a meeting of Club Ski 30, on the first Tuesday of every month at Brightwood Golf Club. Or Mail to PO Box 371 Dartmouth NS, B2Y 3Y5.  For more details see the Meetings section of the website.


CS30 Membership Reports

If you are a current Club member, or were a member last year, you can have a Membership List, Calendar or Ski Trip List Report sent to your E-mail address (the address currently recorded in the Club's membership database). Simply enter your first and last names below, check the reports you would like to receive, and click on the Submit button.

The "year" refers to the 12 month period from 1 May to 30 April.

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